2017, or as I like to call it “At Least the Games Were Good”.

It might be much easier to count the good things these last months than all of the bad. I got a switch and played though Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey, as well as Stardew Valley for the first time. Island Hoppers finished up its first chapter, which still amazes me. A whole 150 pages of content for people to read. I even got to host guest pages, a dream of mine since I discovered webcomics were a thing. I got to visit Ireland (even if the trip was lackluster). I saw the Gorillaz live, another childhood dream, and started participating in a weekly D&D group.

I also moved out. I was in an abusive home till I was 25. I live with my siblings currently, I was glad to help get them out too. It was scary. It still is. I feel homeless, and it didn’t help that I lost my job part way through the year. My father was diagnosed with cancer. I have nightmares almost daily from the stress of losing loved ones. The worlds a mess and the future seems all but completely lost to me.

So, I’ve been taking some time to reflect inward. Depression makes it hard to do anything, much less improve, but I’ve started seeing a therapist. I’ve started sharing some of my troubles with others to lessen my mental load. I’ve tried reaching out to more artists to form friendships.

If I learned anything this year its that events can change on a dime, on a dollar, on a retweet, on a vote. You can’t control everything, and constantly fighting the current is sometimes worse than going with it. You can’t forge ahead if your hull is busted and your head sail is tattered. Take care.