Happy Holidays!

In lieu of a comic for Monday I thought I’d post some thoughts instead.

2016 is finally almost over. There were a lot of good things that happened in my life this year. Im free of college debt now and have used my income go to Canada for TCAF, as well as donate to artists and food banks on my own. I feel like Island Hoppers has gained some good momentum, and have made some really cool friends with artists I hope to grow along side with. I gained some really kind fans. Moana was everything I hoped it would be. I got really into Yokai Watch, and Pokemon Sun and Moon really surprised me in a lot of ways. With Nintendo Switch on the horizon I bet next year will be fun too.

But overwhelmingly 2017 looms in front of me. On a personal level I have a very tenuous stability that I struggle to keep on top of. Next year I need to get a job thats not temp, move into my own place, and try to take a trip someplace new before I no longer have the opportunity to. Not to mention the political state is bleak, and will require constant attention to make sure that people’s rights are not revoked for the good of the rich few. The planet is being poisoned and the ramifications will last lifetimes with no easy answers in sight.

So I sit here, on the choppy waves of change, staring the dark horizon in the face not knowing if land is close or only rolling thunderstorms wait for me as I sail ever onward. I think the one thing I am certain of is that the best plan for fighting a storm is having a good crew!