Hey! Surprise, heres an update! Happy 5 Year Anniversary to my dang comic.

I dont have an idea of an update schedule really, but id like to give some explanation as to the unplanned hiatus.

Basically I got set back and had to change careers. I moved back home and dont have a space of my own really! This made working on comics hard on top of already battling depression. Im back on top of things mostly but im still only working part time and havent gotten a good work schedule.

I also had an issue where I deleted my scripts on accident from my cloud drive. I back up all pages on two drives but its important to remember to backup EVERYTHING I suppose.

Well thats all really. I want to come back to work on Island Hoppers more frequently but its just not in the cards currently. I have managed to work on pages such as this one on my ipad but its going to take some more time learning. Thank you for reading!